The Satanic Temple Houston kicks off its annual Menstruatin’ With Satan campaign on July 1st. The campaign will accept donations of pads, tampons, hygiene wipes, and menstrual cups. All donations will go to The Montrose Center, a local organization that has provided services to the LGBTQIA+ community since 1978.

For a large portion of the population, access to menstrual products is necessary to maintain good health and to participate fully in public life. Though people with menstrual cycles spend years of their lives bleeding, few local charities address this important need. Institutions that provide essential support and services to the most vulnerable such as shelters and schools often attempt to provide these products, but these efforts are voluntary and unfunded. Due to stigma surrounding menstruation, the need for these products often goes unaddressed by traditional donation drives.

The Satanic Temple Houston recognizes that menstruation is a normal, healthy physical process and strives to address menstrual equity. Last year, we were able to provide 6,900 tampons, 5,100 pads, 4,000 liners, and 128 menstrual cups to those in need. This year, in a time of extraordinary circumstances, we hope to exceed those totals.

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Drive ends September 1st

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