As the saying goes; “there’s no rest for the wicked.” This really rang true for our members, as The Satanic Temple Houston Chapter recently held its annual Menstruatin’ with Satan drive. Poverty, homelessness, and a lack of resources do not stop periods. Anyone that’s ever had a period knows that menstrual hygiene products are expensive and this is an injustice we must address. This drive benefits the most vulnerable populations in need of sanitary products, often left unaddressed by the majority of charitable organizations frequently beholden to archaic notions and stigmas related to sexual health and wellness. 

As an organization, the Satanic temple embraces menstruation as a normal, physical process and strives to address menstrual equity, which in all reality knows no boundaries. The 5th tenet of the Satanic Temple states that – “Beliefs should conform to one’s best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one’s beliefs.” This compels us to recognize the realities of menstruation stigmas and compassionately address them by doing our best to work toward real lasting solutions where we are able. 

Considering the difficult times we are experiencing in 2020, we couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing support for this year’s campaign. 

Our final counts: 

197 packs of wipes

126 packs of cups

422 packs of tampons (14,568 total tampons)

372 packs of pads (13,320 total pads)

The Montrose Center, with whom we work to donate the items provided, has informed us that these donations will be able to provide to the community anywhere from 9 – 12  months. Job well done! 

We truly can’t thank you all enough for the outstanding support you’ve provided to our community, especially during these trying times.

We will continue to provide opportunities throughout the remainder of this difficult year where you can help us positively impact our community. Together, we can bring dignity and support to those who often go unseen and unnoticed around us. Please keep an eye out for more opportunities where you can get involved. Even though we cannot physically gather together, we can still provide love and compassion helping everyone know people are still there for them, especially now.