On Saturday, February 8, 2020, The Satanic Temple Houston held a private ritual for the blessing of Pazuzu (thank you Satanic Bay Area!). Named for a Mesopotamian demon-god of the wind, Pazuzu’s Blessing ritual is meant to celebrate the joy and happiness in the lives of participants.

The sun was shining, the insects were droning, and birds were chirping in an unusual backdrop for a Satanic ritual. Participants gathered in a private backyard before a colorful, flower-draped altar. At the altar’s forefront stood the centerpiece: a statuette of Pazuzu himself, crafted by one of the members.

After the traditional TST Invocation and Dark Lord’s Prayer, the celebrant delivered Pazuzu’s Invocation, speaking briefly of the history and symbolism behind the “face of the merciless southwestern wind” who was also a protective spirit against malevolent demons. He explained that, to Satanists, the source of all blessings is the self and one’s companions. Following the Invocations, participants stepped forward to receive lovingly-made flower garlands and to share a few words about happiness in their own lives, with each member hailed by the congregation.

While the participants had many successes and triumphs to celebrate, the overwhelming theme of the day seemed to be the joy that came with being a part of a thriving and supportive community.

At the ritual’s end, the celebrant filled the ceremonial chalice with flowers as an offering to Pazuzu. Participants stepped forward to receive the mark of the Beast and the ritual concluded.

Written by Casey