Ah, Lupercalia, that time of year when we get to embrace our inner animal (metaphorically, of course). This holiday, with roots in ancient Rome, has been celebrated for centuries, but its significance and meaning continue to evolve and grow with time.

Falling on February 15th, Lupercalia was originally a festival to celebrate the coming of spring and was associated with fertility, both agricultural and human. The festival was celebrated by the Luperci, or the “brothers of the wolf”, who would sacrifice goats and dogs and then use the hides to whip women who participated in the festival. This act was believed to increase fertility, and it’s said that women would line up to be whipped by the Luperci as a sign of good luck and fertility.

As per the ancient tradition, the two days preceding Lupercalia, February 13th and 14th, were observed as feast days. The Luperci would gather at the cave of Lupercal, where it was believed that Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome, were raised by a she-wolf.

But as Satanists, we tend to like to put our own spin on things. Many of us believe that Lupercalia is not just about fertility and spring, it’s about celebrating our bodies, our lives, and our power. It’s about embracing the power and agency we have over our own bodies and lives and rejecting the societal restrictions that often try to regulate our sexual and reproductive lives.

Let’s welcome our inner animal and celebrate Lupercalia with some good old-fashioned self-love. Whether you prefer to engage in solo practices, meditate, or simply take some time to reflect, this is a time to reclaim your power and celebrate your bodily autonomy. And if you’re feeling wild, why not go for a run in the woods like the ancient Romans did, just be careful not to run into any actual wolves (because, you know, safety first).

It’s interesting to note that Lupercalia was later merged with Saint Valentine’s Day, creating a holiday that has become associated with love and romance. But here at The Satanic Temple Houston, we believe that Lupercalia should celebrate the power and agency of the individual, not just romantic love.

In all seriousness, Lupercalia is a time to celebrate and honor our individuality, our experiences, and our perspectives. As Satanists, we believe that everyone deserves to have control over their own bodies and lives, and we encourage you to celebrate Lupercalia in a way that is meaningful and empowering for you.

So, let us embrace the ancient traditions of Lupercalia, but let’s also bring our own unique flair and personal touches. After all, self-expression is a big part of Satanic philosophy, so why not bring that to our celebrations too? This is a time to hail yourself, celebrate your power and agency, and remind yourself of the importance of bodily autonomy, sexual liberation, and reproductive rights.